Welcome to the Site

Much like August 2009, when many of us at the then Junior High received MacBooks for the first time, we are now gaining new technology tools to use in our classrooms in the form of iPads.  The good news is that many of us have used iPads, tablets, or mobile technology in our own lives, creating some level of comfort.  But what about using them as a teaching tool?  Our comfort levels with this aspect are wide-ranging.  It is my hope to provide weekly “TechTips” to this site and deliver them to you via e-mail over the course of this year.

In doing so, I would like to highlight certain apps, websites, and other tools for you to use to gain more of a comfort level in using iPads. This is simply another resource for you and is not meant to overwhelm you in anyway. Rather it is an avenue to assist you in “breaking down” so much of what is out there for teachers.

As Steven W. Anderson (@Web20Classroom) Tweeted:

If there are certain apps that you want highlighted or compared, please share them with me.  I’d like to feature teachers that use certain apps in the classroom as possible resources, so please do share if you are having success with your iPad integration.